The Petals Danced With Delight


Today I had the joy of praying with some dear friends. It took a lot of work to coordinate our hectic schedules, but it was so worth it! The peace I feel in my soul makes me smile from the inside.

During our prayer time I envisioned myself free-falling into a field of flowers, and all the petals danced with delight as fragrance took flight. One of the Bible’s shortest verses is 1 Thessalonians 5:17. It says, “Pray continually.” This verse has made me feel like a failure in the past, but after this picture of prayer the Scripture took on new meaning to me. Instead of feeling like a failure for not praying more, I felt the sweet invitation to live in this field of summer flowers, surrounded by beauty and the sweet fragrance of heaven in my heart. Prayer isn’t an obligation, it’s actually a time to rest in God’s beauty. Tears of joy slid down my face as I realized that the invitation is always available to me. Today, I’m rejoicing in accepting the gift of living in His presence and believing that my prayers are a lovely fragrance to Him as well as changing me to smell more like Him! I pray for you to find the time to rest in His beauty too!

Princess Tiffany Lee Thompson,

Daughter of the Most High King of kings

July 22, 2013
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